9 More Future Unicorns Join GSD Labs For Their 9th Cohort

GSD Venture Studio’s 15-week accelerator, GSD Labs has just launched yet another cohort of future unicorns. Challenging times require innovative concepts and a world without borders. The tech verticals of these exceptional startups include AI, ESG, hardware, and MedTech.

GSD’s CEO and COO Derek DIstenfield are seasoned venture builders who direct strategy based on their own success as founders. Both Gary and Derek are well aware that 90% of startups fail, and that these failures are usually because companies run out of money. The entrepreneur’s dilemma is usually that they have a great idea but neither the money to grow nor the traction to raise. This is where GSD Labs comes in and injects tried and true tactics to growth hack sales and position startups for funding.

Previous GSD Labs alumni include Xoxoday, who raised $30m for their Indian-based fintech .

“GSD Labs has played an important role in the growth of Xoxoday. We made great connections and built relationships with like-minded founders, advisors, and investors through the accelerator. GSD Labs also taught us that Silicon Valley is not just a geographical location but a mindset. We are thrilled for the opportunity of working with them to learn how to .” XOXODay Co-founder Manoj Agarwal

The accelerator makes more than just connections for funding , as alumni Ajay Lalu, founder of Q-Hop states.

“The GSD Labs accelerator allowed us access to amazing Advisory Board members like Rick Orloff and John Agate through the networks of Gary Fowler and Derek Distenfield. Through the accelerator, we were able to polish our pitch deck and our financial forecasts with the guidance and experience of Silicon Valley veterans. This gave investors like E Squared confidence to continue to invest in Q-Hop and opened up other potential investors from the Valley.”

GSD is excited to continue our work as one of the premier accelerators in the world of startups and continue to select, nurture and connect the best startups from every corner of the globe. Meet the next generation of global unicorns from GSD below!

AAA enables musicians to monetize their fame. AI aggregates artists’ online presence to identify, interact, and sell to their audience. Fans can follow their favorite artists and purchase private messages, live video, VIP fan meetings, and merchandise.

Process heating accounts for 36% of energy consumption in manufacturing. ARTIC SOLAR’s thermal collectors generate temperatures up to 400°F to provide affordable, maintenance-free, and green energy for industrial process heat (IPH), desalination, solar refrigeration, and air-conditioning.

D-TAG’s next-generation platform uses sentiment analysis, and verifiable forecasts combined with industry-specific language packs to identify drivers of purchases as well as health-related trends. The platform measures marketability, market value, and future ROI of products for brand owners/ managers to enable adequate decision-making.

Faradai connects AI to emissions data allowing organizations to identify, predict and reduce C02 consumption. By connecting to equipment, databases, and third-party software, businesses can finally deliver on their environmental promises in a meaningful way.

insbay directs video audiences to e-commerce stores, enabling viewers to purchase anything they see on TV. With their phone as a second screen, users are able to purchase what inspires them from their favorite interior design shows while they watch.

Consumer electronics displays cause fatigue, inflame the retina, contain harmful metals and result in 2m tons of CO2 emissions per year while manufacturers face raw material shortages and use complex and expensive manufacturing techniques. Margik’s patented organic LED solution seamlessly integrates with current manufacturing processes, uses no scarce resources or toxic elements, reduces the power consumption of devices by 23%, and will reduce CO2 emissions by 60%.

Steriletto reduces the cost and workload of mattress sanitizing for hotels, hospitals, and pets. In ten minutes or less, staff can autonomously disinfect the surfaces of beds, mattresses, pillows, and other textile surfaces with 99% effectiveness.

SkillMil’s AI and ML-powered hiring platform matches unique skills and training to the specifications of open, posted positions for military veterans and beyond. Additionally, SkillMil’s knowledge hub helps candidates upskill and reskill to augment any gaps in experience.

Treebuddy plants “trees-as-a-service” to help B2B clients meet their core sustainability goals. Planted trees are validated via an in-app map and cared for by a community of paid local caregivers.

Originally published at https://www.gsdvs.com on June 6, 2022.

About GSD Venture Studios:
We travel the world investing in resilient teams bold enough to #GoGlobal.
For too long, self-motivated entrepreneurs have navigated the minefield of challenges to launching a global company with very little support. The last thing you should bet on in this situation is an unproven team that you don’t trust. GSD Venture Studios travels to every corner of the globe inviting resilient teams to establish partnerships that ensure organizations grow the right way, without games or gimmicks. You can learn more about GSD Ventures Studios here: https://www.gsdvs.com/post/interview-with-derek-everything-you-need-to-know-about-gsd

About Derek Distenfield:
Known for both bringing revolutionary new ideas to organizations that deliver explosive growth and for displaying a high tolerance for ambiguity and complexity. For over 15 years, Derek has blazed high impact careers in startups, corporations, governments, and nonprofit organizations that range from $0 to $2 billion.
He is the operational mastermind, COO and Co-founder behind the success of GSD Venture Studios. Derek brings a variety of resources together to deliver explosive growth for GSD’s portfolio companies. Additionally, he lectures on startup growth at leading universities and writes for Forbes.com. Analytic Insight Magazine honored Derek as a 40 under 40 Innovator for his work in redefining the future of tech through cutting edge innovation. Yahoo.com called Derek as one of 2020s most influential people.
Derek is a frequent keynote speaker, advisor, and mentor. Silicon Valley is home, and he travels the world frequently to work with GSD’s portfolio companies.
More information can be found at: https://www.gsdvs.com/post/meet-derek-distenfield



Derek Distenfield currently travels the world investing in resilient teams bold enough to #GoGlobal as the COO and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios.

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Derek Distenfield

Derek Distenfield

Derek Distenfield currently travels the world investing in resilient teams bold enough to #GoGlobal as the COO and Co-founder of GSD Venture Studios.